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Author Topic: Preferences changing on  (Read 3709 times)

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Preferences changing on
« on: February 03, 2021, 01:36:15 AM »
Something that has been bugging me ever since I set my station up on is the display constantly reverts away from my settings when moving away from the page despite my account staying logged on between sessions.


Cloud coverage I set to OFF but it reverts to ON

Map Options:
Map I set to Satellite but it reverts to Terrain
Overlay I set to None but it reverts to Day/Night Layer
Show Airports I set to OFF but it reverts to ON
Show Labels I set to OFF but it reverts to ON
Labels & Units/Show Aircraft Logo I set to OFF but it reverts to ON

It is frustrating to have to go through these six options most every time I check my site just to get my display settings back to the preferences I have already set!

My browser is set to accept cookies and this same issue follows me around all my devices such as PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad etc.

Is it just me or are others seeing this behaviour and is it possible to change it so a preference actually means my preference and not changed on a whim!

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Runway 31

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Re: Preferences changing on
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2021, 10:26:34 AM »
Cant say I have noting that.   Just to check I changed from my normal terrain to satellite and closed down the browser, on opening up the browser RB still the same with satellite layer.  Checked MyStation still satellite

Did the check on Chrome on W7 computer

Also checked on Chrome on W10 computer and all ok as above

I closed down my computer and on restarting still the satellite layer

I did note that the settings require to be set on each computer used and also for each different brower used as when on the W10 computer the settings required to be reset initially when I tried Edge

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