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Help me choose; XRange or XRange2

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I currently own a Pi3 with a FlightAware USB dongle running PlanePlotter.

Recently, I was creating a startup disk for my Windows 10 machine.

The plan was to download said disk to an external SD card.

Somehow, the Microsoft server pointed the download toward an external SSD where I had lots of data, including the PP software.

In the process, the external SSD was reformatted, needless to say, I'm highly agitated.

To make matters worse, Windows refuses to install again PlanePlotter.

I'm done messing with PP, it would be running fine for months and suddenly, it would stop sharing data and I would run the risk of loosing my Ground Station status.

Seeing as RadarBox comes with it's own software and highly customizable maps, I'd like to give it a try.

So far, I've downloaded the software and been liking what I see.

So tell me, why would I want an XR2 over an XR?

What's missing from one to the other?

Why would you choose one over the other?


Runway 31:
Not having one all I can detail is what Airnav provides

DESCRIPTION. The X-Range 2 is AirNav System's newest 1090 MHz ADS-B out receiver. This refreshed model includes added filters, an inbuilt amplifier, a brand new designed circuit board that optimizes ADS-B reception, and delivers amazing performance.

Remember also that the X-RANGE/X-RANGE 2 dont require software as they are designed to send your data back to the server for viewing on radarbox24 but you can also connect it to the V6 software which is what I presume you mean when you state that you have downloaded the software.  I would also add that the V6 maps are not highly customizable

You may consider the Airnav Flightstick, it is used with the V6 software on Windows but can also be used with a Pi to feed data

Your existing Flightaware stick can also do the same in connecting to the V6 software so maybe you want to consider that first


Was not aware I could use my own hardware, thanks for that.
Been playing with it since. Seems my PC is not fast enough to keep up with the software.

My next question, are any of these boxes self contained, as in, having their own on board hardware as to avoid me having to use the PC?

Runway 31:
Your own PC should be fast enought.  I suspect you are looking at the network data, this can be switched off so that you only see your own flights.  On the network tab bottom left of the page, untick get flights from Radarbox network and watch your own flights on the MyFlights tab

The x-range/x-range 2 do not need to be connected to a PC and will happily send their data back to the server 24/7.  You will however need to view either on a pc or on the phone app to see the output


Yeah, switched that off.
Any other place I can find the manual?
Clicking on the help button or F1, isn't taking me anywhere.


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