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Author Topic: It's a shame that both my ANRB & the new Mini-dongle will not work on my Win-7  (Read 2466 times)

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I wonder why it seems so necessary for all these silly & different PASSWORDS, USER-NAMES,  PRIVATE ADDRESSES etc.,  which are NOT really necessary.

Not only are the different requirements for more than one PASSWORD etc,  required to be able to get these things running as they should be - completely unnecessary and totally confusing,  they do nothing for AIRNAV Systems to get a good-reputation above the various other websites such as  etc.,  who do not require such information  and  they are for free too !!!

Since 2009,  I have been able to continually use a RadarBox on another of my Win-7 PC's and prior to that an XP-PC,  but I required this computer (not a laptop, rather a professional-computer using a professional version of Win-7),  but alas after having spent over 4-hours today trying a second ANRB-box with a full-size aerial,  as well as that mini-dongle item - where the only thing that the little aerial receives is nothing, other than live internet-feeding of the known aircraft in close-proximity.

I am in the busiest airspace in the world,  as well as being a former pilot  and in ATC,  where I think I know something about ADSB etc.,  so  it looks like both these items are to be scrapped - as unsalable and unusable...

Sorry AIRNAV Systems -  but you need to sort-out your problems if you intend to compete with others...

Simplicity is the easiest-way forward...
Unhappy Purchaser...

Runway 31

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There is no problem with the original box and Flightstick working on Win 7, have them working fine on mines

I wish I knew what you were going on about, rather long winded way of stating you cannot get it working

I presume you have the correct software and presumably you have downloaded and installed the correct drivers, again unsure from your rambles

Why dont you give some details of your issues what you have tried so far and maybe we can sort it for you its really easy

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Maybe instead of a post like this you should say something like:

"Hey I can't get my new dongles to work on my Win-7 box. I've had password issues, and I've tried xxx and xxx and xxx.

Can anyone provide suggestions?"

This is a very helpful place to come if you are having issues getting things working. This is only your first post. You are a really smart guy. Even really smart guys run into snags. Ask for help with your first post instead of coming here saying "Thanks, but I'm through" which will likely get you no help at all.

AirNav Support

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We haven't had any contact from the users email either, which is a shame as we are willing to help if we know what the issue is :)
Contact Customer/Technical support via:
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