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Radarbox Timeout Message


Arie Spaan:

I see after some minutes (15 min for example) that i get the message:
What can i do, to do not get these time-out message in the future, so that i can view radarbox screens permanent in viewing?

Runway 31:
Log in to Radarbox


Arie Spaan:
Sorry, I do not know what you mean
When i log in to radarbox, i get that time-out message after some 15 minutes.
That is what i mean

Runway 31:
If you log in using your email and password you should not get kicked out.  In your profile/Account Details you should show current plan as Business, is that the case, If so contact support and ask for assistance.

If you don't show Business is your account linked to the receiver, again if not contact support and ask them to link your account to your receiver



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