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How to set Radarbox screen location


Arie Spaan:

When i use Radarbox24 i select a special area for viewing (The country and area where i live)
How can i fix that area, so when i start radarbox24 next time, i get my previously selected area to see at once?

Runway 31:
It should start up where you left it when you closed down, mines does.

At a guess I would suggest that it works with cookies, do you have your computer set to delete cookies on closing down?


Arie Spaan:
Yes, I clear all my cookies (done by: Ccleaner), but i ordered ccleaner to do not clear cookies from: etc.
But the problem keeps coming, at every startup i must change the viewer location to my requested area.

But: i solved the problem:
       I select the area i want to view
       Then i see in my browser, in top a new URL:

       The digits behind: (@50.94.....) means the area-locations

       When i start the next time, i enter these URL (Complete with the digits above), and
       now my previously selected area is immediately available!

      So i did it that way

Runway 31:
Note that is is radarbox not radarbox24 now



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