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Author Topic: Database Update Requests  (Read 4594828 times)

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Re: Database Update Requests
« Reply #26340 on: December 10, 2023, 12:31:12 PM »
Swiss deregistered aircraft.
I haven't put in the deregistration dates as it makes for a rather time consuming effort when they are readily available on the country's official publicly available website. I will continue to provide details of deregistration/demise where there is no official public register, if that is OK with you.

4B4AF1 HB-1610
4B4AF6 HB-1615
4B4AFB HB-1620
4B4AFE HB-1623
4B4B0B HB-1636
4B4B0D HB-1638
4B4B16 HB-1647
4B4B33 HB-1676
4B4B37 HB-1680
4B4B3A HB-1683
4B4B3F HB-1688
4B4B48 HB-1697
4B4B49 HB-1698
4B4B4B HB-1700
4B4B4C HB-1701
4B4B4F HB-1704
4B4B59 HB-1714
4B4B68 HB-1729
4B4B69 HB-1730
4B4B85 HB-1758
4B4B86 HB-1759
4B4B8C HB-1765
4B4B8E HB-1767
4B4B8F HB-1768
4B4B90 HB-1769
4B4B94 HB-1773
4B4B95 HB-1774
4B4B97 HB-1776
4B4BA1 HB-1786
4B4BA2 HB-1787


Runway 31

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Re: Database Update Requests
« Reply #26341 on: December 10, 2023, 04:34:07 PM »
Thanks again Terry, no need for de-reg date



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Re: Database Update Requests
« Reply #26342 on: Today at 12:59:04 AM »

10-12-2023 Updated file in attach.

Station: Primetec PGANRB100514
Antenna: Wimo GP-1090 (AS-1090/BT-1090)
Cable: Ecoflex 10 (15m)

Station: XRange2 PGANRB501386
Antenna: Airnav Systems
Cable: LBC240 00220M (15m)


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Re: Database Update Requests
« Reply #26343 on: Today at 08:40:51 AM »
Swiss deregistered aircraft:
4B4BA8 HB-1793
4B4BB4 HB-1805
4B4BC1 HB-1818
4B4BC8 HB-1825
4B4BCB HB-1828
4B4BD1 HB-1834
4B4BD3 HB-1836
4B4BD8 HB-1841
4B4BE0 HB-1849
4B4BE3 HB-1852
4B4BE4 HB-1853
4B4BE5 HB-1854
4B4BEA HB-1859
4B4BF0 HB-1865
4B4BFC HB-1877
4B4C03 HB-1884
4B4C1B HB-1908
4B4C20 HB-1913
4B4C22 HB-1915
4B4C2A HB-1923
4B4C2C HB-1925
4B4C37 HB-1936
4B4C43 HB-1948
4B4C45 HB-1950
4B4C4B HB-1956
4B4C50 HB-1961
4B4C59 HB-1970
4B4C6A HB-1987
4B4C6F HB-1992
4B4C70 HB-1993
4B4C75 HB-1998
4B4C76 HB-1999


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Re: Database Update Requests
« Reply #26344 on: Today at 10:26:21 AM »
4B4E74/HB-2059 should be HB-2509
C00824/C-DCD should be C-FDCD
C0803D/C-DWOQ should be C-GWOQ

More Swiss deregistered aircraft:
4B4586 HB-223
4B4C7C HB-2005
4B4C95 HB-2030
4B4C9F HB-2040
4B4CBB HB-2068
4B4CEC HB-2117
4B4CF1 HB-2122
4B4D02 HB-2139
4B4D0C HB-2149
4B4D13 HB-2156
4B4D20 HB-2169
4B4D3D HB-2198
4B4D40 HB-2201
4B4D41 HB-2202
4B4D43 HB-2204
4B4D46 HB-2207
4B4D4A HB-2211
4B4D58 HB-2225
4B4D64 HB-2237
4B4D68 HB-2241
4B4D6C HB-2245
4B4D86 HB-2271
4B4D8A HB-2275
4B4D91 HB-2282
4B4D9D HB-2294
4B4DA5 HB-2301
4B4DB7 HB-2320
4B4DB8 HB-2321
4B4DC3 HB-2332
4B4DC6 HB-2335