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Author Topic: Handy Little Programme?  (Read 3930 times)

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Handy Little Programme?
« on: February 26, 2019, 05:22:48 PM »
I’ve attached a screenshot from a little programme my brother has produced.. There’s a demo of it at:-
It’s not a mind blowing game changer but I find it handy.     
Basically, it just gives all the flight details shown in the Radar Box interface panel which we would normally have to scroll through when using a reasonably sized map,- bearing, height, position, distance etc etc, -  from the flight’s current position to any preset position in a single column. It can be placed anywhere on the screen you choose.
It also shows remaining flight time to your location if the plane were to maintain it’s current heading and speed which I personally find to be useful. If I’m interested in ‘spotting’ a particular flight which is currently out of my Box’s range and I fancy a brew or a visit to the pub for a quick pint or something, l know how long I can be away without having to work it out.  Lazy sod, me.
I realise of course that waypoints and speed variations come into the reckoning but over a couple of hundred miles or so it won’t generally be far out.
Anyway, there are two versions:- one for Radarbox24 and the other for FR24 and They cost nowt – our kid is happy enough with the satisfaction he’s got from doing it.
If anyone is interested, the URL for the RB24 version is:- and for FR24 it’s :-
Downloads of the FR24 version won’t work from Firefox.
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