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Author Topic: Network Keeps Growing Everyday  (Read 5398 times)

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Network Keeps Growing Everyday
« on: July 12, 2007, 11:48:52 PM »
Hi All

Just to inform all our users that just 15 days after the first units have been delivered, AirNav RadarBox Network keeps growing daily and constantly breaking records.

At the time I'm posting this email we have connected / feeding clients from:
- UK (almost all United Kingdom is covered now);
- Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal, Spain, France, Northern Italy);
- Australia (Sydney and Cairns);
- Japan (Yokohama and Tokyo);
- Kuwait;
- USA (Orlando and NY);
- Brazil (Sao Paulo);

We are expecting a unit to be connected in the Azores Archipelago, in middle of the Atlantic ocean. European coverage will continue to grow and we expect full continent coverage in a few months.

The application is designed to filter and encrypt data uploaded to the server so security is maximum and bandwidth usage is minimum.

A suggestion: on the application filters, open the "Widebody aircraft filter" and see the movement inbound Europe in early morning. You will be amazed. Also filter by EHAM (Amsterdam) or EDDF (Frankfurt) airports and see all the traffic coming from the USA/Canada to these airports overflying London.

We have had customers buying RadarBox from other locations in the last few days so expect the network to grow within the next months. If in just 15 days we have all these places imagine in 1 year.