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Title: Update/refresh rate of the flight positions shown in the map?
Post by: A350 on July 07, 2007, 09:32:29 AM

i like to ask other user if they have taken a closer look to the shown flight position in the map.

Today I have no stable clear sky but i have looked to the flight EZY-3LN  (Berlin>Luton) . With live signal from my antenna the flight has many many “Timeout” status over the track and then after some time again a “cruise” status. i have seen that the position make also “jumps”.

The intresting question is:
When you go in the “MyFlight” list> scroll right to the Latitude/Longitude data and look there: What is the update/refresh rate of these data? (every second?)

For the example flight EZY-3LN (Berlin-Luton)it was a very slow update rate and so the position for this flight (over ground) was not actual anymore. It is related to the “Timeout” situation I think.

So my update rate of the whole Lat/Long-data is very slow. I don`t know what is the reason for that…if there is a usb-problem, pc-system problem etc.

How many flights in total can the Radarbox software handle to show also the right flight positions over ground for all flight signals coming from an antenna signal? I mean not the Network flight positions coming over internet- I speak about the signals coming in from an outdoor Antenna. (For my homelocation about 165 flights in total in the receiving radius)

The software has to do many things in a short time: recognise all Flight-positions, get picture data, get from/to data…etc.

Please let`s make a exchange of experience with other users.

Title: Re: Update/refresh rate of the flight positions shown in the map?
Post by: AirNav Development on July 08, 2007, 06:16:41 AM

Refresh rate for map labels and grid entries is of 1 second.
The software has been tested with over 10 thousand flights simultaneously, 900 msgs per second and performed without any problems.

Hardware has been tested with 800 msgs/second without any problems too.

We are now working hard correcting all the reported problems and adding new outstading features (great news in a few days :-) ) and a patch will be ready in about 3 to 5 weeks.

Please keep all the bug reports and suggestions coming so we can correct all the reported problems immediately.