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Title: New User
Post by: ab1451 on May 31, 2012, 07:19:11 PM
Good evening.  I am new to this forum and to my recently purchased Airnav Radar Box.  Can someone tell me if my software and firmware are up to date as I cannot seems to find anything on Airnav site under downloads.  My box is a 2009, Softwre is V2.01 and Firmware V02.03.1 if it is not up to date how do I get updates.  I have downloaded the the latest DB3 file and seems to be working ok.

Thank you
Title: Re: New User
Post by: Runway 31 on May 31, 2012, 07:46:06 PM

I would suggest you download and install the latest version 4.03 off the Radarbox support page when it comes back online again, other than that you should be OK.

I would remove the existing version first and if you are using a version of Windows from Vista onwards, install to c:\Airnav instead of the default location to avoid windows virtual store problems.  You will need to install the Navdata file again and ensure you install to the correct location as the existing Airnav 2009 data folder will still be there unless you manually delete it.