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Title: Update of output via TCP/IP
Post by: Zillie on June 11, 2010, 10:15:04 PM
Running Radarbox 3.13 (latest version) near my hardware on the rooffloor and planeplotter on my pc, connected via TCP/IP and all works good.
However, i noticed that some ac are updated every few seconds, others need 3 or 4 minutes, or even time out in Planeplotter. I see via Teammate, that Radarbox does refresh the aircraft, but obviously it does not send all information out via TCP/IP.
Checked with telnet both ports 7879 and 30003 over a period of time and this confirms what i see in Planeplotter. Some ac get refreshed within seconds, others not, although Radarbox does refresh them, as visible via Teammate.
This happens very often during landing, where i see the plane go down in Radarbox, but there is no output anymore via TCP.
I checked it again at nighttime when there were only 16 ac recieved to make sure, the total information does not "overflood" the port.
Any explanation for this?