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Title: 4 Days with the RadarBox
Post by: Roland28 on February 24, 2008, 10:39:41 PM
On Day 2 I was out all day and it has been cloudy most of the time. It was good though to see a turn in the sky being replicated on the screen earlier today.

Within a couple of hours of setting up I had picked up 2 AWACS and I can now identify some of the non-passenger aircraft up there.

I'm finding that not all flights are being displayed. I've had a couple of BA planes pass within line of sight of the antenna but were certainly not displayed and possibly not detected.

I guess that the central server uses the same database of aircraft but I have found aircraft to be unidentified in Network view when they have been identified by my box. In Network view, when I have cancelled Hardware flights, only the Mode S code is shown. I assume that when I tracked a particular Virgin Atlantic flight that the data had been supplied by my unit, but the full details that I could see direct were not being displayed on the Network.

The route details and callsigns database is a big help and I'm sure that alphanumeric callsigns are a major headache. For example, flight BAW299 EGLL KORD is listed in the database as such, but the callsign used by ATC and picked up by the RB is BAW2H. I'm just looking at a plane that is due to land at my local airport where the route is not displayed due to a letter Q suffix that has been added to the callsign.

I think that this has been mentioned but I have also encountered a case of flight duplication. Please see the attached screenshot.

The RB is a great product and is something that I have been aiting for for years.

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Title: Re: 4 Days with the RadarBox
Post by: AirNav Support on February 24, 2008, 11:00:07 PM
Hi Roland28,

Not sure what you mean by the fourth paragraph can you explain that again.
Not all of BA Fleet has ADS-B, some of the older 737 only have Mode-S fitted.

Thats very interesting about the flight duplication, you seem to be 2nd the customer who has mentioned that recently in the last week and you do also seem to be in a similarish area to him.

Can you confirm when that screenshots was taken you had the network flights selected as well?
Title: Re: 4 Days with the RadarBox
Post by: Wayne on February 25, 2008, 07:55:20 AM
I still get some duplication, infrequently, but it's definately there. I have noticed though that it seems to happen when the number of messages RB processes plummets. For example, at a busy period I may be processing 200-300 messages per second then suddenly it will drop to 0 messages and then the screen appears to freeze and when it recovers, occasionally, a second instance of a flight appears. This dropping of message rate and freezing is frequent and I can't explain that either but I did notice the duplication then. Do you get this fluctuation in message rate too ?
Title: Re: 4 Days with the RadarBox
Post by: AirNav Development on February 25, 2008, 02:52:05 PM
Can you confirm the duplication is only on maps or also on the grid? Anyway with V1.4 tha way data is worked changed completely there is no point in investigating that problem for V1.3. Just wait a few more days.
Title: Re: 4 Days with the RadarBox
Post by: Wayne on February 25, 2008, 08:02:17 PM
Hi there. Yes, waiting until version 1.4 is ok by me. It's not a problem just a bit strange.
Title: Re: 4 Days with the RadarBox
Post by: Roland28 on February 27, 2008, 09:23:51 PM
Thanks for the replies.

The point I was trying to get acroos in the 4th paragraph was about descrepancies between flight details that are missing or incomplete in Network view.

The same issue has been raised in the following thread. (

For the duplication, I'm almost certain that Network mode had been selected as well.