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Title: Smoothness of Display
Post by: 9M-ISJ on November 21, 2008, 08:17:28 PM

My Radarbox arrived this morning (many thanks again Daniel) and I now have it running side by side with my existing SBS-1.

I am wanting to love it (the RB) with all its added features,, but a couple of things are stopping me from doing so at the moment.... perhaps its some settings I need to change,

Firstly, on the SBS-1 no matter how zoomed in or out the displays all of the aircraft are moving in real time, however on the RB they seem to 'jump' moving only every few seconds. Can this be changed?? (its driving me mad - and could be a deal breaker for getting rid of the SBS-1... can see me ending up with both!)

Secondly, I understand the idea that data tags wont overwrite each other. But it is annoying to have some plots shown just as an aircraft without blocks. For example I am looking at the Heathrow approach and two or three have data blocks and two or three dont! I would rather that they overlapped.

I am also not keen on the projected trails popping out the front of plots, so I have turned it off. However, on SBS-1 I like the idea that with a button click I can bring up the historic trails, and then switch it off again (very usefull to see what stacks are doing at Heathrow) Is this something RB can be made to display.

Title: Re: Smoothness of Display
Post by: RodBearden on November 21, 2008, 08:26:31 PM
Hi Gulfstream!

Point 1 - the display can be smoothed by turning off network flights - I know that's not the ideal solution, but it works. Perhaps a more powerful processor would overcome it.

Point 2 - you only have to zoom in closer for the details to appear.

Point 3 - go to Map...Trail Lines to turn them off and on.

Hope that helps

Title: Re: Smoothness of Display
Post by: AirNav Support on November 21, 2008, 08:39:51 PM
Hi Paul,

1.) go to File -> Preferences -> RadarBox and there is a screen refresh rate, if you decrease it to 1000 or less it should be updating the screen every 1 second or less for local flights.

2.) We are actually laughing at this, most SBS customers get used to the confusing screen with overlapping after a year and then its a bit of shock to see a nice designed one in RB. All you need to do is either zoom in or place the mouse over the aircraft to have its details highlited in the list.

3.) As Rod says above.

I am sure you will love the RadarBox even more the SBS, all the features and much much more are there just you need to readjust from your old model.

Give us a shout otherwise, we are always here listening and developing.

Title: Re: Smoothness of Display
Post by: 9M-ISJ on November 21, 2008, 11:52:56 PM

OK. loving it a bit more!! I have sorted out the data refresh, and hey presto a/c are scrolling over the map just like SBS-1.

I am still struggling with one or two things -

1) Is it possible to set RB to capture historic trails for the life time that an aircraft is being plotted and then toggle that display on and off (so that it is possible to quickly see what the stacks are like for LHR or similar?) It is also handy if something good is going over the top at high level to quickly see where he is routing from and to - but isnt something I would want on all the time.

2) Is it possible to highlight one aircraft off the list and have the map plot just that one frame (another SBSisim I am afraid) It helps when there is something on the list you need,,, clear all the clutter and find him.

3) Is it possible to search for an airports 4 digit code on the screen. I am loving that some flights come up with their routings, but I have no idea where 90 percent of them are!!

Thanks for all the feedback thus far (and sorry for any stupid questions!)

Title: Re: Smoothness of Display
Post by: RodBearden on November 22, 2008, 12:27:12 AM
Hi again

Point 1 - No - you can only adjust the duration of the trails in File...Preferences

Point 2 - Awkwardly - you can set it up on the Smartview tab and then check the "Show ionly Fleet Watch flights on map" box.

Point 3 - Yes - the Locate box on the toolbar allows you to type in the four character code, click Locate, and it shows that airport centered on the map. With Station Labels - name checked, the airport name will also be displayed. Also remember that when you highlight an aircraft with a route shown, the airport names are shown next to the aircraft photo(s).


Title: Re: Smoothness of Display
Post by: 9M-ISJ on November 22, 2008, 07:38:26 AM

1) Thats a shame. One of the things I use quite a bit on SBS is the trails on and off button. Its handy to get an idea of where things are in the stack ect. It is also something I always show a non enthusiast when showing them what SBS is, as they can then better visualise what aircraft are doing.

2) Again a shame its not easier,, but not such a big thing

3) Doing this seems to bring up a physical display of the airport in question. I was thinking more of just a written note. The other comment is noted about the info if I select the a/c - this is probably the best way

Title: Re: Smoothness of Display
Post by: Allocator on November 22, 2008, 08:43:56 AM
1. If I want to see the hold tracks, I just set the trail length to the maximum time  - I put 99999 in the box but I think that it defaults to the maximum of 1000

2. If I want to watch a particular aircraft BAW for instance, I have this in the Fleetwatch tab already and then it's just a case of clicking the Show only Fleet Watch Aircraft.  I have a number of Operators in this list already, I don't put them in each time I want to follow an aircraft.  Unless you have loads of aircraft in this list, the Show only Fleet ... option is going to remove the majority of the aircraft from the map.

3. You can put the ICAO 4 letter airport code in the Airport box, then use the Get Weather > Decoded METAR which give the full airport name without moving the map.

As far as the refresh is concerned, remember that the network tracks will only update every 30 seconds as that's how it works.  I have the live track refresh set at 4000 as this give a more realistic "radar" type refresh.

Title: Re: Smoothness of Display
Post by: 9M-ISJ on November 22, 2008, 08:59:23 AM

Thanks for all the comments... I am getting there, and I am certainly a lot lot happier with things this morning (the deal I had done to sell the SBS1 is back on - and indeed it will be leaving my loft later this afternoon for its new owner).

Trail lines (starting to be my war cry), I have changed the refresh time on them, and we are close. The problem I now have is that when I click MAP and then SHOW TRAILS they appear, but when I go back and reclick it aircraft stop showing their trails but the old trail parts are left on the display

What am I doing wrong?

Title: Re: Smoothness of Display
Post by: Allocator on November 22, 2008, 09:04:25 AM
Hmmm.... good point.

Looks like that might be a bug - I never switch the trails off altogether, so I haven't noticed this before.  I'm sure it worked in the previous version, so maybe this has slipped through the net?

It's not a tidy solution, but you could create a colour scheme where the track colour is the same colour as the background.  Selecting a new colour scheme is simple enough using the drop-down list.  Don't forget to Export (save) the new colour scheme.
Title: Re: Smoothness of Display
Post by: 9M-ISJ on November 22, 2008, 09:32:28 AM

Watching what it does a little more closely, reveals that if I hit the show trails tab, trails appear for everything on screen quite correctly. However, if I then deselect it all the plots CONTINUE to trail and only new plots which move onto the screen do not show a trail.

The 'junk' left behind then sticks around for quite some time, but eventually goes (I am guessing once the 4000 seconds are up!)

So might be something that needs looking into?

Title: Re: Smoothness of Display
Post by: abrad41 on November 22, 2008, 11:26:56 AM
I have just turned my Trails off too - I notice they do not go away either, not until I go to full screen mode (to refresh) and when I go back to normal screen they are not there to start with, but then they slowly come back - and my trails are turned off.