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Title: Simultaneous data feeding from Pi & RadarBox?
Post by: GlynH on November 24, 2020, 06:43:08 PM
My Pi is an approved feeder for RadarBox as I chose to share my data but what happens when I run the RadarBox legacy software at the same time as it always starts up with Share Flight Data checked?

I mean no matter whether you uncheck it and save everything the next time it starts it still defaults to sharing enabled.

I do recall being annoyed about this back in the day as surely a Preference is just that isn't it? A user preference.

I can't think of many other apps where you save your preferences and it gets ignored every single time you exit & restart the program.

As my Pi runs 24/7/365 what I would like to know is what happens when I run the legacy software and it starts up with sharing enabled?

Am I sending two data streams to AirNav?

Does that cause any issues?

Does that consume overhead on their server?

And why in 2020 does that particular preference still get ignored after quitting and restarting the program?

Thanks & kind regards,
Title: Re: Simultaneous data feeding from Pi & RadarBox?
Post by: abcd567 on November 24, 2020, 10:26:50 PM
Are you feeding Radarbox with same station number for feed from Pi and feed from Windows?

Before first release of Radarbox's RPi feeder in 2017, I used to feed them with DVB-T plugged into Windows Desktop and running ANRB windows software, which detected DVB-T as microADSB. The station Number was EXTSHA000184. That feed was intermittent, as I used to shutdown Desktop when not in use to save on electricity bill.

When I installed Radarbox's Pi feeder, I automstically got a brand new Station number EXTRPI000008, using the same email address. This runs 24/7/365.

Now whenever I start ANRB Windows software to view its map using data from RPi from port 32088, it starts feeding the original station EXTSHA000184.

I dont mind this duplicate feed, as I am NOT running ANRB windows software 24/7/365. I run it only for short periods occassionally when I want to view its map.

Also, due to different station numbers, the AirNav servers treat these two feeds as independent feeds, so no complication at servers.