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Title: TIS-B
Post by: Topozero on September 23, 2020, 03:02:37 PM
Hi there!

rbfeeder obviously disregards TIS-B data ...

I have ground stations nearby transmitting TIS-B data. Processing TIS-B data as well would improve coverage at lower elevation in my region, concerning non ADS-B equipped planes.

TIS-B targets onto ADS-B "IN" systems in airplanes, like i.e.Garmin GNX 375. Well, the RadarBox Flightstick in conjunction with rbfeeder is an ADS-B "IN" system ... I guess it's a decoding issue in the rbfeeder software. I can imagine TIS-B messages are flagged with a special bit. Perhaps the rbfeeder developer wants to check this.


Title: Re: TIS-B
Post by: Runway 31 on September 23, 2020, 03:29:35 PM
Suggest you contact support with this as they are not on here much

Title: Re: TIS-B
Post by: Topozero on September 24, 2020, 10:03:02 AM
Thank you. I will contact support.

Just now I took a quick look into the (older) source code at GitHub: Basically the software should regard TIS-B data. There is a type definition in the header file dump1090.h. So, TIS-B data should be used by rbfeeder ...

Code: [Select]
/* Where did a bit of data arrive from? In order of increasing priority */
typedef enum {
    SOURCE_INVALID,        /* data is not valid */
    SOURCE_MLAT,           /* derived from mlat */
    SOURCE_MODE_S,         /* data from a Mode S message, no full CRC */
    SOURCE_MODE_S_CHECKED, /* data from a Mode S message with full CRC */
    SOURCE_TISB,           /* data from a TIS-B extended squitter message */
    SOURCE_ADSB,           /* data from a ADS-B extended squitter message */
} datasource_t;