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Title: software closeing
Post by: lee1982234 on August 13, 2020, 02:27:50 PM
Afternoon all im new to airnav only been useing for couple months now over the last few weeks been getting alot of problems with the software closeing its self as im loading it up any help what i can do after i trouble shoot it it says incompatable program im running windows 10 thanks
Title: Re: software closeing
Post by: Runway 31 on August 13, 2020, 04:25:09 PM
No idea what would be causing that.  I would think that most Windows users are running the V6 software on W10.  Have you tried reinstalling the software and or the W10 signed drivers again

Title: Re: software closeing
Post by: GreekSpy2001 on September 09, 2020, 06:46:56 PM
i have had trouble in the past with Radarbox not closing.  Especially if its been ruuning for sometime.  I also notice that at the sametime the database update fails.  On closing the radarbox software doesn't completely close. 

If you look in task manager you see that the radarbox process  brings the cpu usage upto 100%.  If I end the process within task manager.  The process closes and the CPU level goes back to normal.   I then restart radarbox and find any amendments I have made haven't been kept.  So I typically make the amendments again update the database and restart the app. 

This is just a workaround.  If you restart and update regularly then you probably won't see this "feature".  I leave mine on 24/7  always just in case something comes over,  The odd B-52 etc  ;-)


Title: Re: software closeing
Post by: Runway 31 on September 09, 2020, 07:02:20 PM
I usually notice an issue through network flights stopping showing and the only way I can close down is through Task Manager.  The database updates dont working during this time.

I dont run the computer 24/7 and only run my computer 7am to 7pm approx