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Author Topic: Network Maximum Effort Day - Coming soon!  (Read 2584 times)

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Network Maximum Effort Day - Coming soon!
« on: December 22, 2011, 01:53:17 AM »
Friday the 23rd is rapidly approaching, so I’m hoping that as many people as possible will have their RadarBox up and running, and set to share, for as long as possible between 0:00 zulu and 29:55 zulu on the day.

I appreciate that some people may not want to leave computers unattended, and some people may have expensive and/or limited internet connections, or you may have local thunderstorms where you would rather disconnect your aerials, but it would be great if you can share for as long as possible.

I’m hoping that this experiment will reveal how good the network can be with more people sharing from more places, opening up wider airspace and greater airport detail more regularly, so that AirNav will drop their network prices and more people will subscribe.

To help users who don’t subscribe to the network, I hope that all the people who have websites showing their own reception will make sure that they are up and running during the day, and showing as wide an area as practical.

The network statistics are available below the Network Locations map on this page:

I hope we’ll see an advance on today’s figures which, for reference show maxima of 1910 flights from 373 boxes.

To those of you who will be sharing on the day, who normally don’t – many thanks. And to those of you who normally do share anyway – many thanks too!



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Re: Network Maximum Effort Day - Coming soon!
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2011, 09:00:15 AM »
Many thanks for the reminder, although my boxes will be on as usual. Hopefully the provider, the machine or the operating system on the machine do not choose that day to call for "gremlins"...
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